Thinking of making a purchase and need money?  Southernmost Federal Credit Union offers a variety of loan programs to meet your individual needs.  Your loan payments can be made by automatic account deduction or coupon repayment.

Bankruptcy keeping you from getting a loan?  Check with us.  You may qualify for a loan with us at a slightly higher interest you an opportunity to re-establish your credit worthiness.



Signature Loans                                               

Tired of running up your credit cards and paying enormous interest rates for your purchases.  A Signature loan may be a cost-effective alternative to credit cards.  Your Credit Union offers member loans with a programs thatfulfill everyone's needs.

Signature loans are an excellent product to introduce young people to properly utilizing credit.  It is also a better alternative for people who have difficulty managing credit cards.  Signature loans can offer members loans as low as $500 up to $15,000.

Whatever your personal needs may be, a Southernmost Federal Credit Union, low interest, signature loan may be a wise choice for you.  Apply online today!



Share Secured Loan

Do you have imperfect credit and need to borrow money, desire to re-establish your credit and/or want to get the lowest possible rate for a loan?  A Share Secured Loan may be the solution for you. Share Secured Loans utilize your savings account as collateral.  The rates are low and the terms are flexible - apply online today!



Line of Credit

Line of Credit is an option for an emergency fund or overdraft protection.  Apply online, (qualifications do apply) once your application is approved the line of credit will be available to you. If a check exceeds the balance in your Share Draftaccount,  the overdraft protection will attempt to take the funds from you savings account to cover the balance.  If there is not enough money in your savings, then the money will be transferred from your line of credit in $100.00 increments. A Southernmost Federal Credit Union Line of Credit will give provide you a safety net from NSF charges, plus peace of mind as it can also be a source of instant money in case of an emergency.