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Loan Rates & Policies


New Automobile - Financing 100%


Months Financed

5.00 24
5.50 36
6.50 48
7.00 60
8.50 72
9.00 84
Financing Over $40,000* 7.00 60
8.5 72
9.0 84

*Effective April 29, 1999 we will finance any amount for a vehicle as long as member qualifies.  We can finance 100% up to 40,000, over $40,00 we will finance up to 80%.

**7 year financing limited to members with good credit history, see Manager

***100% financing after tax, tags, title including extended warranties.

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Used Automobile - Financing 90% of NADA RETAIL VALUE *

Vehicle age not to exceed 5 model years



6.00 36
6.50 48
7.50 60
8.50 72
6.50 36
7.00 48
7.50 60
7.50 36
8.00 48
8.50 60
8.00 36
8.50 48
9.00 60
8.5 36
9.00 48
9.00 36
9.5 48

* If purchased from individual, credit union will need to inspect the vehicle.  Maximum loan $40,000 on used vehicle.

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New Recreational - Financing 100% of Dealers Invoice up to $60,000  (Minimum $1,000)*



6.50 12
7.00 24
7.50 36
8.00 48
9.00 60
9.50 72

* Motorized transportation includes boats, pleasure equipment, moped\cycles.  Titled Vehicles.

Used Recreational - Financing 80%
Maximum $40,000*


10.00 36
11.00 48
11.50 60

*Includes mopeds, cycles;  Written appraisal required. Loan used for purchases only if purchased from individual. The credit union will need to inspect. Any and all used water craft will need an out of water written appraisal by a qualified person.

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Powerline (Line of Credit)

Signature Loans


Payments based on balance chgs.w/a new advance only

*With 675 and Over Beacon Score

15.00 36 $100 $6,000

Min. payment $30.00





Under 675 can only be approved by manager.

Signature Loan 16.00 12 $500 $5000

Discount for senior citizens equals 3% less than current Signature/fixed rate.  55 yrs and older.

Southernmost Federal Credit Union Summary of Terms

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)


Other APRs
Cash Advance

There is no grace period for cash advances. The average daily balances for credit purchases and cash advances are calculated separately. Average daily balance for cash advances is determined by dividing the sum of the daily balances during the billing cycle by the number of days in the cycle.

Default APR*
Annual Fees
Minimum Finance Charge NONE
Transaction Fee for Purchase NONE
Grace Period for Repayment of Balance on Purchases 25 days on average
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average daily balance including new purchases
Cash Advance Fee NONE
Late Payment Fee $10 per month
Over Credit Limit Fee $15 per month
Balance Transfer Fee NONE

*If we do not receive the amount due by your second due date, your account is subject to change to the Default APR for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers. The Default APR will remain in place until you make three consecutive monthly payments on time. After three consecutive months of on-time payments, the purchase and balance transfer rates will revert to the current Purchase APR. The Balance Transfer rate will not return to the special promotional rate for the existing balance transfer.

The above information is accurate as of the date in the lower right hand corner and is subject to change. For any change in this information since it was printed contact:

Southernmost Federal Credit Union
1004 Kennedy Dr. Key West, Florida 33040

September 30, 2009

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Risk Based Lending Guidelines

Members with Bankruptcy will be charged 3.00% higher on all loans with a maximum of 18.00%.

Members with a Beacon score under 500 will be charged 3.00% higher on all loans with a maximum of 18.00%

Guidelines for Loan Rate Reductions

Members with Beacon score over 600.

Present employment more than 3 years

No unpaid collection items

Homeowner debt ratio 55%

Non-Homeowner ratio 40%

Members with the above guidelines rate on new collateral, may be reduced by 1.50%. Used collateral may be reduced by 1.00%



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